Racecourse Community School in Zambia

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St. Paul’s United Church is a proud supporter of the Racecourse Community School (RCS) for orphans and vulnerable children which was founded in 1999 by members of the Racecourse Community in Kitwe, Zambia. This school educates a large number of children in the community who could not afford to attend the government schools.The school has grown over the years to become the largest community school in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. It has over 1700 students and 19 teachers from the Racecourse Community and some of the surrounding areas. They offer preschool to grade 9, and then as many of the graduates as possible are funded by the School Bord to carry on their grades 10-12 at government schools in neighbouring communities. Classes of 60-100 used to be taught out of rented churches and old taverns around the community, but since the completion of their two permanent school blocks, the classes are now taught out of a central location.

You can donate to Racecourse Community School here or through the Racecourse website using the donate button (both are via St. Paul’s PayPal so be sure to designate your donation to Racecourse in the final step).

For more information or to support this important service please donate through St. Paul’s with ‘Racecourse School’ in the memo or ask to contact Project Manager, Heather MacKenzie through our church office.