Day 5 – October to May

Day 5 is Thursday in the Judeo-Christian calendar. In Genesis 1: 20-23, the fifth day marks the first appearance of life on the earth.

Thursdays, every week, at 7:30 we will create gatherings intended to deepen and expand our spiritual lives. See the NEWS page for the weekly theme.

Quilters – September to May

Quilters busily assemble  4 – 6 quilts every Monday morning at 9:30. Most recently, 26 quilts were donated to Catholic Social Services Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Outreach and Support Services. We always welcome new members!

We welcome donations to help with our quilting supplies. Please use the donate button on the website and name the quilters as the designated recipient of the funds to St. Paul’s.

Cinema Group – September to May

Everyone watches a movie in a different way. Some will laugh at the absurdity of the situation while others like to follow the development of a character throughout the story. Whenever our group gather to discuss a film they gain insight into the stories and illumination from hearing how others experienced it. If you have ever felt you wanted to share what you saw in a film we invite you to join us on the last Friday of every month for St. Paul’s Cinema Group. Our discussions vary from moral and religious issues through social and societal issues, which can include personal growth, attachment to community, political change, as well as the humor found in everyday life.

There’s often much more going on in a movie story than first viewing reveals. Filmmakers are motivated to both entertain with their movies but also to communicate ideas about life or to offer other perspectives on our society and its problems.

Not every film is a deeply thought-out plan for presenting philosophical or socially important ideas. Some of them are just for fun. We like to have fun too. But this group has been gathering to watch a movie for about 30 years now and it has provided us with a terrific opportunity to share our experiences in life as well as exchange opinions about what is happening right now between members of the group.