St. Paul’s Foundation (Edmonton)

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Our purpose is to provide or support housing and/or shelter for people in need.

Who We Are
The St. Paul’s Foundation (Edmonton) is a registered public foundation and its members are the people in the congregation of St. Paul’s United Church in Edmonton. Funds accumulated in the Foundation through the ownership, operation and subsequent sale of low-rental apartment buildings. To date over $1.8 million has been given out in grants to Edmonton agencies in support of their housing initiatives.

Who Should Apply
Applications are only accepted from organizations that have a Charitable Registration Number from Canada Revenue Agency before applying for a grant, and who have need that is consistent with the purposes of the St. Paul’s Foundation (Edmonton).

When to Apply
Grants are made twice yearly. Proposal deadlines are February 28th and August 31st. Applications must be sent to the Foundation email (see page 5 of the application). Grants are normally paid within two months after the proposal deadlines.

Contact Information
St. Paul’s Foundation (Edmonton)
c/o St. Paul’s United Church
11526 – 76 Avenue NW
Edmonton AB T6G 0K7

Phone: 780-436-1555
Email: please use the form on the Contact Us page of this website

The St. Paul’s Foundation (Edmonton) Grant Application
St. Paul’s Foundation (Edmonton) Application
St. Paul’s Foundation (Edmonton) Application Guidelines
St. Paul’s Foundation (Edmonton) History